CASBS Conference on Best Practices in Science


Conference Program

June 18, 2015

Introduction/Welcome Jon Krosnick
Stanford University
Introduction/Welcome Lee Jussim
Rutgers University
Opening Remarks Jan Wallezcek
Fetzer Franklin Fund
Transparency Arthur Lupia
University of Michigan
Replication Jonathan Schooler
UC Santa Barbara
Pre-registraion Brian Nosek
University of Virginia
Distinguishing Goals and Means: The Case of Pre-registration Alison Ledgerwood
UC Davis
New Thinking for the New Statistics: Getting the Most from Estimation Sanjay Srivastava
University of Oregon
Bayesian Agonistes: Measuring Evidence Properly in an Improper (Frequentist) World Steve Goodman
Stanford University
Stimulus Sampling Byron Reeves
Stanford University
A Statistics Lesson Herb Clark
Stanford University
P-Hacking Leif Nelson
UC Berkeley
The Chrysalis Effect Ernest O’Boyle
University of Iowa
Meta-Analysis Katherine Corker
Kenyon College

June 19, 2015

Scaling up Small Studies to Large Scale Interventions David Yeager
University of Texas at Austin
Measuring Questionable Interpretive Practices Lee Jussim
Rutgers University
Choice of Research Question Carlos Navarrete
Michigan State University
Type III and Type IV Errors Charlotte Tate
San Francisco State University
Textbook Accuracy David Wilder
Rutgers University
Interpreting Past Research When Aware of QRPs and QIPs Harold Pashler
UC San Diego
Political Intervention in Reporting of Findings Francesca Grifo
Environmental Protection Agency
Journal Publication Process (Including Peer Review) Simine Vazire
UC Davis
Hiring, Promotion, Grant Review Ifat Moaz
Hebrew University of Jerusalem