Group Members

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Graduate Students and Post-docs

Sean Stevens
Postdoctoral Fellow, Rutgers University
Sean Stevens is a Postdoctoral Researcher at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey – New Brunswick.  His research examines how moral convictions may develop and lead to motivated reasoning within the political domain and how this reasoning can result in political intolerance and create obstacles to political compromise, both between societies and within a society. He is also an advocate for statistical reform and the promotion of scientific integrity practices, such as the open sharing of data and the independent replication of analyses and results, in the social sciences.
Stephanie Anglin
Graduate Student, Rutgers University
Stephanie Anglin is a doctoral candidate in social psychology at Rutgers University. Her research examines motivated reasoning, or the processes by which people seek out, interpret, and evaluate evidence in ways that are partial to their pre-existing views. By studying bias in laypeople’s evaluation of evidence pertaining to their religious and political beliefs, she became interested in how scientists’ own beliefs and values may influence how they conduct their research, interpret and report their findings, and evaluate others’ work.


Annabell Suh
Graduate Student, Stanford University
Annabell Suh is a PhD Candidate in Communication at Stanford University. Her research interests include survey methodology (in particular, questionnaire design) and psychological processes underlying verbal or written response, media effects, and political psychology. She is interested, more broadly, in how narratives are brought to fruition from data, and how that process can be tainted by bias.