Instances of Scientific Misconduct

Yoshitaka Fujii

Yoshitaka Fujii, at one time, received the world’s most retractions (roughly 183) due to scientific misconduct. Along with his co-author Yuhji Saitoh of Yachiyo Medical Center and Tokyo Women’s Medical University (who is also featured on this site for at one time receiving 53 retractions), Fujii had many papers retracted due to the falsification/fabrication of data and results, lack of IRB (Institutional Review Board) approval, lack of patient/participant consent, ethical violations by author, and general concerns about data and results. Both Yoshitaka Fujii and Yuhji Saitoh were members of the Japanese Society of Anesthesiology (JSA), but received permanent bans from the society due to their misconduct. Their retractions were evaluated based on the codes of COPE (Committee of Publication Ethics) and their retracted papers were within the scopes of anesthesia, pharmacology, toxicology, neurology, neuroscience, etc.

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